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Howard Howell - Web Marketing CoachI have been an entrepreneurial junkie since the 1960’s, and passionate about selling and sharing the New Sales Process of Webarketing™.

I believe that understanding sales is necessary for every profession and want to help entrepreneurs and professional service providers attract more customers through honest and effective web marketing and sensible selling.

In addition to providing web consulting and marketing services, I speak professionally about Internet Marketing from an entrepreneur’s viewpoint. I am available to speak to groups of any size. Please contact me if your are interested.

I can provide your group with seminars, workshops, break-out sessions, or webcasts.

Web Marketing Services By That Sales Guy Howard HowellMy favorite topic is how to utilize the Internet to sell your product or service, although I can create a custom presentation to align with your group goals or objectives.

I can speak and train authoritatively about web marketing, sales fundamentals, social media, and WordPress site development. My content is based upon actual experience.

If you have an appropriate meeting place, I can provide your group with an instructional webcast that can include live Q&A and live demonstration via internet and phone connectivity. This is a great way to provide expertise instruction at a minimal cost.

What is an Internet Sales Consultant?

web-marketing-services-duvall-waThe World Wide Web has changed the way we research and find the products and services that we need and want. It has been said that 90% of all new purchases start with a search on the Internet. Traditionally, a sales consultant or sales representative was responsible for providing the information necessary for prospective customers to evaluate and make a decision on whether to purchase.

A New Sales Process has evolved since the advent of the Internet. Here is a comparison of the old sales process vs the new sales process:

  • Sales Rep Gets Leads vs. Customers perform online search for wants and needs.
  • Sales Rep Qualifies Leads vs. Customers research their favorite choices from what they found in initial search.
  • Sales Rep Makes Appointments vs. Customers follow and watch their favorite vendors visibly or silently.
  • Sales Rep Presents Product/Service vs. Customers decide what they want before first contact (maybe even trial or test an offering).
  • Sales Rep Questions and Handles Objections vs. Customer invites vendor to take their order.
  • Sales Rep Closes the Sale vs. Customer becomes a fan through a satisfactory experience.
  • Sales Rep Moves on to next Lead vs. Customer posts public review of his/her experience with the vendor, good or bad.

An Internet Sales Consultant is a practitioner of this New Sales Process. He/She will help you with your Internet presence through effective Webarketing™ services that include attracting new customers for your business.

Who is That Sales Guy?

that-sales-guy-duvall-waThat Sales Guy is part programmer, website developer, web marketer, sales and marketing professional, blogger, teacher, SEO practitioner, entrepreneur, and passionate sales consultant. He believes that “A Blog is the most effective marketing tool YOU can use to HELP people get what THEY want”.

He follows the sales advice of Zig Ziglar who taught him that “You can get everything in life YOU want if you will just help enough other people get what THEY want.”

That Sales Guy can help you with your your Webarketing™ needs through various service offerings available on this site. Add him to your sales team by using his consulting service.

Get an experienced Sales Guy as YOUR Webarketer™

It is so difficult to navigate the constant changing of the online marketing world. You can add me to your sales and marketing team and stay on top of the most current Digital and Web advertising techniques.

The secret to my ability to stay current and on top of the game, is constant research, study, and testing. Also, I engage my prospective customers through multiple digital channels using my exclusive Webarketing™ System.

You can have me do for you what I do for myself.

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