In-ter-net = a vast world-wide computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide, which use the same set of communications protocols.

Sales = plural of sale. result of selling which is helping others get what they want or need.

Con-sult-ant = a person who gives professional or expert advice. a consultant can show you how to do things or do them for you. These are some of the elements of Webarketing™ that I can implement for you.

I provide personalized Internet Sales Consulting & Web Marketing Services, All the services of a WebMaster and a Web Marketer. I will help YOU stand out and be found in a Google Search Result.

As a sales professional and experienced entrepreneur, I can train you OR provide the necessary Web Marketing Services you need to gain online exposure and attract new customers through profitable sales leads driven by affordable digital advertising.

Web Marketing Services By Howard Howell

In business, your largest hidden expense will be mistakes. Avoid them by investing in a little wisdom from one who has traveled the path before you. I can only accept a limited number of clients. Schedule a phone meeting to determine if I can assist you.

If you are perplexed, puzzled, or just plain confused about how to use the Internet for business, you can add me to your team of specialists. I will take care of all your online marketing needs and keep your online presence current and up to date with all the most recent changes. I will create and maintain a Digital Advertising Strategy for you. My consulting rate is $150/hr.

I will work for you at a monthly budget you can afford. I will provide you with Consulting, Media Buys, and Leads. No need to hire an in-house employee or waste YOUR valuable time trying to do-it-yourself.

We can start working together with a deposit and initial consultation. Click this button to get started. Do it now, because I can only work with a limited number of clients.

We can work together to create and implement your most effective online marketing strategy. You determine your Maximum Daily Spend and the value of each new sales lead, and I will work within your budget to get you maximum exposure and benefit with my exclusive Webarketing™ Services System. provided exclusively through Web Wizardry Works.

I’m looking for a couple of local business case studies where I will give a preferential deal to try some new methods of attracting customers to their business. Call me for details. Thank You. …Howard

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