Recommended 3rd Party Utilities

I am familiar with all the services I recommend. Most of them are services that I use, so I can usually help you out with them, and yes, I sometimes get a referral credit if you sign up for them through the links below. It makes it simple for me to assist you if you use these recommend services, and it can usually save you money when I am performing tasks for your website working with tools that I am familiar with.

Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, and Email Services-WebWizardryWorks

***Email MarketingList ManagementWebWizardryWorks

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Merchant Processing ServicesElectronic Processing Consultants

     Ask for Arthur Torelli and tell him Howard sent you for the best deal.

Payment Gateway with or without Merchant Services – click the button below


For Training and How-To use Webinars and Tele-Seminars to sell more online: check out Alex Mandosian’s program. I am an Alumni Student and highly recommend it…


If you are looking for “cheap hosting services”, I would encourage you to talk to me about potential pitfalls. “Cheap” may come at an ultimate price as something you cannot really afford. I recommend some very affordable hosting plans that will provide you with the security and the performance you will come to appreciate.



If you are interested in using Microsoft® Outlook as an email client, please contact me and I will connect  you with an authorized provider that will give you a 30 day free trial and offer migration and support services with Office 365 Plus. You will receive an additional layer of support with my consulting services.


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